POHODA venkova Local Action Group


Mistni akcni skupina (MAS) POHODA venkova, z. s. is a local action group. It is a registered association established in August 2005 as a civic association. The association was established primarily to promote rural development.

POHODA venkova LAG currently operates in towns and municipalities in the mountains of Orlicke hory (the Eagle Mountains), Novomestsko (Nove Mesto nad Metuji region) and Dobrussko (Dobruska region). We bring together active residents, non-profit organisations, businesses and, of course, representatives of local governments (from municipalities and other public institutions) who, like us, are interested in making our region a good place to live.


So what exactly do we do, and how do we try to develop our region? The LAG covers the territory of 35 municipalities with more than 32,000 inhabitants and currently has 52 members. Strategic planning is fundamental for the successful development of each territory. That is why the Strategy for Community-Led Local Development (SCLLD) has been created, through which the LAG promotes the development of member partnerships while communicating with both its members and the general public. Based on these documents, the strategic objectives and thematic areas of the strategic plan have been established:

✔ Basic amenities of municipalities;

✔ Services for residents and visitors;

✔ Entrepreneurship, employment and vocational training;

✔ Agriculture, forestry and landscape management;

✔ Public administration and communication.

We have a good foundation in an honest, discussed and updated development strategy, an excellent team of people and also a desire to continue to strive for the greatest possible transfer of subsidies to our region. The LAG is a partner and an important platform for the development of the region. Let's pitch in and get involved in the LAG or one of their projects.


In addition to community planning, MAS POHODA rural, z.s. is engaged in the education development within the framework of Local Action Plans for the Development of Education in the territory of Dobruska and Nove Mesto nad Metuji. We focus on developing and improving the quality of education for children and pupils up to 15 years of age. We meet with teachers and discuss and address the bottom-up desires and needs for effective education. We organize training and workshops aimed at expanding the knowledge and skills of teachers so that teaching improves and reflects the needs of pupils in today´s world. 


Furthermore, MAS POHODA venkova provides administrative assistance to kindergartens and primary schools in the system of grant titles called Templates (Sablony).


At the same time, together with other local action groups, we participate in awarding certification marks to handicraft, agricultural and natural products. Marking local products with the special Orlicke hory – originálni produkt (the Eagle Mountains – Original Product®) logo is one of the ways to connect nature protection with human management. The purpose of the mark is to raise the profile of the region of Orlicke hory (the Eagle Mountains) and to help local producers.


Let's shape the future of our region together.